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May 28, 2020

 In May 2016 Nasha Kasha aired its first program.  The show, heard only in London focused on two grad students from Ukraine's east.  They spoke of their troubled cities and their hopes for the future.  Now more than four years later, we catch up with Maksym and Natalia.

May 21, 2020

Friends, family and music.  In good times and in times of separation, these are what makes life a beautiful dance.  All three ingredients are elements for joy in this week's episode of Nasha Kasha.

May 14, 2020

Exercise, nutrition, setting limits, refusing unwanted tasks, allowing ourself little pleasures.  These are just some ways we can reduce stress. This week, Nasha Kasha presents ten de-stressers for  a pandemic.



May 8, 2020

No one asked him to do it.  But for the past three decades a cameraman has set up his tripod at Ukrainian events- most of them in Edmonton.  He records.  Then leaves.  Now as the cameraman ages, he wonders.  Will anyone value what he has so diligently collected.  Or will it be relegated to a...